Hi! My name is Swagato Bhatta. I am an accomplished front-end web developer and project manager with over ten years of professional work experiences in web development field. I have graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Furthermore, I have graduated with double postgraduate degrees - Masters in Engineering Management, and Masters of Engineering Studies (Software Engineering).

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I have:

  • Outstanding educational qualifications.
    • I completed Masters in Engineering Management degree from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).
    • I have also completed Masters of Engineering Studies degree in Software Engineering from UTS.
    • I graduated with Bachelor or Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Duluth (USA).
    • I was awarded Undergraduate High Academic Scholarship during my studies at USA. My name also appeared on the Deans List for academic excellence during my studies at UTS and USA.
  • In-depth knowledge of
    • responsive web development,
    • performance,
    • browser compatibility (IE7+, Chrome, Firefox),
    • usability, and
    • accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA standard compliance).
  • Proven work-experience developing using
    • CMS systems (Joomla, TeamSite),
    • CSS, CSS3, SCSS, Less, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery UI Mobile, jQuery Validation, BootStrap, JSON, Ajax, Modernizr, CoffeeScript, XML, and Grunt
    • PHP, Java
  • Strong skills in writing clean, elegant and efficient markups and code.
  • Non-technical skills.
    • I have proven experience in working with technical and non-technical stakeholders including designers, BA, testers, back-end developers, clients, and managers.
    • I have capabilities to determine continuous improvement of products & provide favorable outcomes.
    • I am a committed, passionate, versatile, and goal-oriented individual.
    • I have excellent oral and written communication skills and problem-solving skills.
    • I have excellent planning and coordination skills developed by working in large cross-functional environments.
    • I have team building and leading capacities with proven skills in managing repo, teams, and project deliverables.
  • Excellent recommendations from my former and present supervisors, and co-workers. Please feel free to check these out at LinkedIn


Note: The following recommendations were provided in my LinkedIn profile by my current and past coworkers, managers, and clients.

Swagato is enthusiastic and focused and a pleasure to work with. He worked closely with the back end development team to integrate his work with theirs and dedicated time and attention to ensure the the client's needs were met.

-David Edgar

It is great working with Swagato. He is very enthusiastic and very helpful all the time. He dedicated time and attention to ensure the best outcome for the project and goals were met. I look forward to working with him again on future projects

-Carmen Lau